PDRI’s Academic Director Guy Grossman Appointed to the National Academy of Sciences Evidence ad hoc committee

February 2021 | Guy Grossman


PDRI’s Academic Director Guy Grossman has been appointed to join an ad hoc National Academy of Sciences Evidence committee entitled “Advance Reform in the Global Security and Justice Sectors”.

An ad hoc committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will consider evidence in the areas of policing institutions, police practices and capacities, and police legitimacy in the international context. The committee will hold a series of five public workshops; each of the workshops will focus on a targeted set of questions of interest to the State Department and serve as the primary data source for a brief consensus report. Drawing on relevant literature, particularly from the international context, the project will inform the State Department’s capacity-building activities aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of local, in-country law enforcement agencies, building the technical skills of foreign law enforcement personnel through training and technical assistance, and assisting in institutional police reform at the local level.

Each of the five (5) workshops will bring together experts to discuss the evidence and its implications for the international sector, as well as practitioners using the evidence to implement policy. Some papers may be commissioned for one or more workshops. The committee will issue brief consensus reports after each public workshop. These reports will include conclusions and recommendations as appropriate, and provide practical guidance on key implications of the evidence for the field.

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