Undergraduate and MA Research Fellows Program

Program 1: PDRI-DevLab Research Fellows – This fellows program is managed directly under the PDRI-DevLab. We accept applications for undergraduate and MA research fellows on a rolling basis. These are paid research fellowships on a broad array of research projects. The students are matched to projects based on skills, interests, and available funding.

Interested students should apply here: https://forms.gle/BoH8UdVRKnEGpf419

Program 2: Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies- The PDRI-DevLab collaborates with PORES  to provide students with research fellowships during the academic and summer semesters. This fellowship pairs students with PDRI-DevLab faculty who are conducting research that involves applications of data science and data analytics.

Program 3: Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program (PURM) —The PDRI DevLab collaborated with CURF on the PURM program during the Summer 2023 semester and just completed the selection program for the Summer 2024 semester. PURM provides students completing their first or second undergraduate year the opportunity to spend a summer conducting cutting-edge research under the guidance of a standing Penn faculty member.

Click here to review the complete list of Faculty Projects.


Fall 2023- Summer 2024 Fellows

Paavani Arora (PORES)

Caroline Bach (PORES)

Naimah Bilkiss (PURM)

Tianyi Zhou (FELS/PDRI-DevLab)

August Crane PURM

Ria Rege (PDRI-DevLab)

Sierra We (PORES)

Megan Zheng (PURM)

Anya Sinha (CURF)

Riya Sinha (CURF)

Fall 2022- Summer 2023 Fellows

Paavani Arora (PURM)

Caroline Bach (PURM)

Kate Barnes (PDRI-DevLab)

Ceci Duncan (PORES)

Arda Enifiyeci (PURM)

Jean Claude Lane (PORES)

Yasmin Abdul Razak (PORES)