Banner for PDRI Spring 2022 Seminar Series: Susanna Berkouwer


PDRI Spring 2022 Seminar Series: Susanna Berkouwer

The Penn Development Research Initiative (PDRI) will be hosting a Spring 2022 Seminar Series featuring PDRI faculty and fellows.


Susanna Berkouwer, Assistant Professor


Dr. Susanna Berkouwer is an Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at Wharton, specializing in energy, environment, and development economics. Current research projects include energy efficiency adoption, the economic impacts of power outages, the political economy of infrastructure construction, climate change and electricity consumption, and carbon taxes under credit market failures.

Susanna holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, an MA from Yale University, and a BSc from the University College London. They worked as a Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Evidence for Policy Design prior to graduate school.