Cambodia Solid Waste Accountability Platform (SWAP)

DevLab@Duke, along with partners the Asia Foundation, Triangle Environmental, and COMPED, recently received a $2.5 million grant from USAID to work to increase government and service provider responsiveness in the waste services sector in urban Cambodia. Through the Cambodia Solid Waste Accountability Platform (SWAP) project, DevLab and its partners are designing an app that allows users to post issues with waste service provision and allows government and service providers to respond to these complaints in real time. Using a randomized controlled trial IE design, this application will be rolled out to randomly selected neighborhoods, either alone or in conjunction with a logistical intervention (providing the neighborhoods with additional waste receptacles), and the impact of this application on government responsiveness will be evaluated. Data sources include household surveys, observational studies, satellite imagery, administrative data, and data from the application itself. DevLab designed the intervention and surveys, and will be the leading partner in the implementation of data collection and subsequent data analysis.