Resiliency Cambodia Impact Evaluation

A thriving and resilient civil society is critical for strengthening democracy and government accountability and improving health, education, and food security outcomes. The nearly 5,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Cambodia fill this role by providing services in the health, education, democracy, governance, and agriculture sectors. However, as donor funding becomes increasingly scarce, the ability to access new sources of funding is becoming more important for organizational resiliency. The USAID/Cambodia Local Organizations – Movement Towards Self Reliance Activity (LO-MTSRA) is an Impact Evaluation that aims to build the capacity of local civil society organizations (CSOs) to address these challenges through the Resiliency+ (R+) Framework. The LO-MTSRA will recruit 120 local CSOs to participate in the Cambodia R+ Impact Evaluation. Selected organizations will be randomly sorted into three cohorts: a high intensity cohort, a low intensity cohort, and a control cohort. Sixty CSOs in the high- and low-intensity cohorts will be trained in resiliency-building to expand their networks, increase their adaptability, and tap into new markets and revenue streams in accordance with the R+ Framework. Using analyses of NGO networks and budget composition, DevLab will evaluate the effect of the intervention on critical resiliency outcomes.