Santiago Cunial

PhD Student | Political Science

Santiago Cunial is currently a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Pennsylvania, where he works on political incentives towards energy transitions in developing countries, with a focus on Latin America.

His research aims to explain how electoral incentives and macroeconomic contexts affect the adoption of policies that aim to decarbonize the electricity sector. Before coming to UPenn, he did an MA in Political Science at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and a BA in Political Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires, both in Argentina. In Argentina, Santiago did research on health politics and worked for several national and international agencies.

Selected Publications

Tulia G. FalletiSantiago CunialSelene Bonczok Sotelo

(2020). Invisible to Political Science: Indigenous Politics in a World in Flux. The Journal of Politics



Coproduction between state and civil society for the delivery of public services raises a host of questions that go from the capture of the state, to cooptation of civil society, and efficiencies or accountability in the delivery of public services. Moreover, when this cooperation focuses on vulnerable and historically marginalized indigenous populations, ethical concerns arise about intercultural health and sensitive care.

We are working with two health care non-governmental organizations that deliver mobile health services to pregnant women and children in the tri-border area of Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The main goal of our research is to assess the impact of the medical intervention and study the individual, community, institutional, and country level determinants of health outcomes.